Keynote 2: Veil & Headscarf ban as harassment by Mathias Möschel

Join us on the 9th of November at 9:00-9:45 in the Solas Room, U-building, DCU Glasnevin Campus.

Dr. Möschel is an associate professor at the Central European University of Budapest in Hungary. His fields of studies are; Constitutions Law and Regulations, Gender Studies, Human Rights Studies and International Relations. In his keynote speech, he will address the issue of veil and headscarf bans.

Over the past years, Muslim women have been rather unsuccessful in litigating headscarf or veil bans as a violation of religious freedom and/or direct/indirect discrimination on the grounds of religion both before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) and the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). Recently the CJEU decided that companies were allowed to ban employees from showing any religious symbols. In the decision, the Court said that it was not discrimination when a company banned all display of religious symbols. Companies have a vested interest in protecting their neutrality towards clients and may, therefore, ban the display of religious symbols.[1] Given those failures, this talk addresses the question of whether sexual, religious and/or racial harassment provide a better avenue/legal characterization for addressing such claims.

We are looking forward to this very interesting keynote speaker and invite all to join us. The keynote will take place in the Solas Room of the U-building on DCU Glasnevin Campus from 09:00-09:45 The room has limited capacity and priority will be given to conference participants. For more information please contact or visit

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[1]                                Case C-157/15 Achbita v. G4S [2017], CJEU.