The call for abstracts has officially ended, and we are delighted to announce there have been over 140 abstracts submitted for this year’s conference. We have had a tremendous response from universities across Ireland and abroad, with submissions coming from over 20 different universities.

The IPRC team have begun the reviewing process of the abstracts submitted. We will be hard at work over the next two weeks to review all of the abstracts and notify candidates on whether their submission was accepted or not.

We have received a comprehensive display of interdisciplinary abstracts highlighting the importance of how research effects society in a broad manner and how research is currently driving our society.

The reviewing process takes into account the interdisciplinary nature of the abstracts we have received and focuses on how well the abstract can invoke interest in the research, its clarity and its ability to be understood across different academic specialities and most importantly how that piece of research benefits society.

With the current diversity of research topics currently being reviewed, we can promise that this will be a highly engaging interdisciplinary event. In addition to the several student sessions, we are putting together a program that will include keynote speakers and workshops, surrounded by a very social atmosphere.

We will be announcing more details on this program very soon, along with a complete schedule of the conference’s events and activities. Keep informed on any updates by joining our mailing list and/or check out our blog.