Let’s get down to earth.

Registrations keep coming in and the Irish Postgraduate Research Conference (IPRC) is proud to have its second student session confirmed. This session will host student speakers from various universities, who will focus on the different aspects of the planet. The session will cover the health of the planet and possible alternatives to fossil fuels.

The individual topics to be presented are:

  • From rocks to industry: Development of enhanced mineral characterisation methods using high-resolution microscopy. – Alexandra Stavropoulou (Trinity College Dublin)
  • Nightmares and False Promises – Julie Bertagna’s ‘Exodus’, Geo-Engineering and the Case of Kiribati – Tomas Buitendijk (Dublin City University)
  • Water Hyacinth: A replaceable source of Fossil Fuel - Mahak Sharma (Indian Intstitute of Technology)
  • Disruptive Innovation: Identifying and Leveraging Lead Users of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Ireland –Neda Mokhtarzadehnigje (Dublin City University)
  • The significance of bacterial Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) in soil in response to varying environmental conditions in a salt marsh setting. – Anthony Grey (Dublin City University)

Each speaker will give a 10-minute presentation after which the audience will get time to ask questions. Everybody is welcome to drop by and listen to the speakers.


When:Friday 9 November 10:00-11:15

Where:Student Hub at DCU Glasnevin, Dublin 9.


See you there!