Student Session 3: The World of Work

Let’s get working on this:

Registrations keep coming in and the Irish Postgraduate Research Conference (IPRC) is proud to have its second student session confirmed. This session will host student speakers from various universities, who will focus on the different aspects of work and global firms. The session will cover the impact of big industries and the co-relation between employees and employers.

The individual topics to be presented are:

  1. The impact of Cross-border acquisitions of indigenous high-tech start-ups on the Indian economy‚ – Anish Tiwari (Dublin City University)
  2. Antitrust Scrutiny of Online Giants‚ Leveraging Strategies: Protecting a Competitive Market, or Suppressing Innovation? – Liran Pang (Durham University)
  3. The Economic Advancement of Women in Agriculture: A Case Study of Women Sunflower Farmers in Rural Tanzania – Peyton Ellis (Trinity College Dublin)
  4. Decent Work for all? An analysis of the impact of regulation in the global garment industry – Ashling Seely (Dublin City University)
  5. Polish Migrants in Ireland: Accent and the Dynamics of Social Mobility – Ewa Malczuk (Waterford Institute of Technology)
  6. An investigation into burnout in Irish second-level teachers – Clare Bohan (Dublin City University)

Each speaker will give a10-minute presentation after which the audience will get time to ask questions. Everybody is welcome to drop by and listen to the speakers.

When: Thursday 8 November 17:00-18:30

Where: Student Hub at DCU Glasnevin, Dublin 9.